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Mobile Sound Imaging LLC Preps for Ultrasound Exams

Pelvic , Renal system,  pregnancies under 14 weeks, also IUD checks.

Drink 32 0z of water and have it finished 1 hour before exam and come with a full bladder. This helps enhance the area of concern.

Abdominal and Ultrasounds

Fast for 8 hours, you can have a little water if needed, but only water no additives, no gum.

Smaller children may go only 4 to 6 hours.

Abdominal and Pelvic exams at the same time.

Fast for 8 hours and drink only water. The 32 oz 1 hour before and come full, no gum.

Failure to comply, could cancel your exam or cause more exams to be done. More cost to you.